The generic term I'm using for all the stories set in Tsyllaes, the Yrae Chronicles. The ones listed here are the longer stories, several chapters long. All the minifics, usually less than a thousand words, can be found here.

Silent Harmony

Dated from 2003 to present
Word Count 300k across Rust, Tarnish and the infant beginnings of Gold, with Steel still to come
Chapters Rust:33, Tarnish:30. Chapter three onwards are locked to members only.
Blurb Yamin wants to be a healer. Her twin sister Nimay dreams of riding with the King's Own. Raykin's long-dead first king has his own plans for the twins. In the harsh red desert of their homeland, Yamin and her sister become the pawns of two sides of royalty, but they're not going down without a fight.
Notes Silent Harmony is my baby. It's a story that's been steadily growing since very humble beginnings in February 2003 and unlike any other story I've written, I haven't grown bored of it a year after starting it. SH has never felt like a chore to write. I love the characters more and more every day, I love the setting, and I love how ideas for the story just keep hitting me new and fresh all the time.
It has swords in it! And flying and wings! And magic, and a red desert, and Prince Nolryn who is a love. And cute little kiddies, who grow up and are spiffy. And beer, and the King's Own, and horses! But mostly, it has swords, magic and a big red desert.
The prologue and first two chapters are online and viewable to everyone, but the rest of the story will be locked. If you'd like to continue reading, just join the Yrae Chronicles community on LiveJournal, click the chapters link above, and all the chapters will be there for your viewing pleasure =3 Since SH is still in its first draft and I inted on publishing it one day, the only condition of reading is that you leave comments as you go.


Dated ongoing
Word Count anywhere from 150 to 150,000
Link the yrae LiveJournal community and associated memories
Notes The yrae LJ community contains everything about the Yrae Chronicles, from short, 50-word dialogue bunnies through to Silent Harmony itself, though the main story is locked for members only. Also contains any babble, development sketches and writing challenges, everything pertaining to the Yrae Chronicles and the characters within. Frequently updated, especially if I'm on a writing roll!

Griffin's Gift

Dated October 2013
Word Count 10 711
Chapters 1
Blurb Sharalynn has wings. She knows she has wings, but everyone in the town teases her because they can't see or touch them themselves. One day, Sharalynn finds a new friend: a griffin and its chicks, and she knows her life has changed.
Notes Third of the Llayan fairy tales, this one a LONG time coming for my dear Shanra. Shanra likes the story of Cupid and Psyche. That wasn't working, so she gave me griffins to work with instead. Shanra also likes cute fluffy animals, cute small children, feathers, wings and otherkin. Moosh them all together and you might get a little something like this!

Barley, Hops and Yeast

Dated September 2013
Word Count 7997
Chapters 1
Blurb Bandits are running riot in Raykin's most valuable borderlands region, for this is where Raykin grows its barley and brews its beer. This can only be a job for the King's Own!
Notes The writing community I'm a part of on LiveJournal, Talechasing, set up an anthology in 2013. In it, each of the members had an old piece and a new, the latter of which was written specifically for the anthology and which related back to the old piece. This was my new piece! I had picked an early chapter from Silent Harmony for the old piece, where Nimay and Nolryn meet for the first time, so in this one I chose to tell the story from Nol's point of view. Also he's by far the easiest of my characters to write and the deadline for this one was looming! So here we have the boys, doing what they do best and shooting some Kazinians to save their beer. Yeah, that is so totally an Own mission.

Tooth and Claw

Dated November 2011
Word Count 11 501
Chapters 1
Blurb Karalynn's peaceful gypsy life is turned upside down on the night when hyenas attack her caravan, leaving her as the only survivor. When it turns out her rescuer is one of the creatures she most fears, she has no-one left to trust.
Notes Mid-2009 I had the idea of writing Llayan fairy tales for online friends and readers of SH as birthday presents. Dragon Boy, below, was the first. Tooth and Claw is written for Sallie, who loves werewolves, oddly matched couples and a touch of Beauty and the Beast. Throw 'em in a blender and something a little like this comes out. Love my Sallie!

Dragon Boy

Dated August 2009
Word Count 10 401
Chapters 1
Blurb On a blustery Autumn day in Renenyad, Ackerley the apprentice cobbler is visited by a most perculiar customer. Sitting on the stranger's shoulder is the tiny, delicate form of a dragon.
Notes Dragon Boy was written for Saku since he had been going through a difficult moving of house at the time. Ku loves dragons, shipping characters and sexy older male characters. Chuck 'em all together and you get something like this =3 The story was actually so much fun to write that I got sorely tempted to make it canon, not just a fairy tale. So Llayad has dragons now. Yay!


Dated November 2008/October 2013
Word Count 52 213
Chapters 30
Blurb The Llayan town of Belyad is preparing for a great party.
Notes I've always been intrigued by the idea of telling the story of one character through the eyes of many others. Vermilion tells the story of Master Vermilion through the eyes of 30 townspeople, one per chapter. They each have their own individual story as they prepare for this grand party, but with Vermilion as a common thread. Like Bouquet two years earlier, this was also an exercise in getting to know Llayad outside of Princess Lynnlita. My third NaNoWriMo attempt, came do a dead end after only five chapters purely because Silent Harmony called harder (I finished Rust about three months later) but I always had the intention of finishing it. In 2013, the year of finishing all the WIPS, I did just that!


Dated November 2006
Word Count 50 005
Chapters 30
Blurb An assassin known as the Golden Kris, an ongoing war with Haysyd and the ever-tightening grip of Queen Risa's hand make life in the Kazinian state of Suza less than comfortable for its residents, but Rensali remains optimistic that some time, his life will finally settle down.
Notes My story for NaNoWriMo 2006. I even won, wai! =D 50k in a month, booyeah. Anyway, yeah. Decided to focus the story on Kazin, just cos very, very little of what I'd written previously did, unless it was being told from the perspective of the Raykinians. Kazin is fun =D Completely self-contained, so you don't have to know anything about Tsyllaes before you start. I just have a thing for assassins X)

The Riders of the King's Own

Dated mid-2005
Word Count 59 361
Chapters Introduction Mission Brief Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17 Week 18 Week 19 Week 20 Final Report
Blurb The King's Own, Raykin's fifteen best warriors, go on a mission to Silrona in Kazin. Specifically, this is their most recent one, and Nimay's first as their General.
Notes Written partly as a gift to my friends when I went to England for four months in 2005, and partly to get a handle on the characters who make up the King's Own. Definitely not self-contained; you should at least know who Nimay and Nolryn are, and what the Own is, before reading. The Own riders themselves... I didn't even know them when I started writing. Each week is told from the perspective of a different Own rider, so the whole mission is chronicled from mission brief to mission accomplished. I love my bois, even though this fic is getting on a bit now.

Blade Archer

Dated November 2004/early 2013
Word Count 83 792
Chapters 50
Blurb Kael, a boy living in Ni-Yana's seedy underbelly south of the Main Road, signs up for army training as a blade archer.
Notes My first attempt at a NaNo. I was going well until about halfway through the month, then stuff happened that distracted me from the fic and once November was over, the urge to finish it died. UNTIL. 2013 happened, which I decided was the year of Finishing Things, and so, after nearly a decade, the longest NaNo ever was finally completed.
The link to all the chapters there also includes a summary of the first 17 chapters, just in case you (quite rightly) don't want to catch up on the stuff from 9 years previous. Bear in mind that the Yrae Chronicles were only a year and a half old at that stage, and as such a LOT has changed in the world since then. Healers, for example, are no longer priestesses. The army training curriculum has also changed, but we'll overlook these for the time being.

Desert Sapphire

Dated December 2003
Word Count 17 176
Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Blurb Raqif, from the tiny northern-Raykinian village of Ni-Horia, goes off in search of the yrae.
Notes Written for a competition at the end of year 12, but I finished it a few days too late to actually send it off. Never mind. It was a crap story anyway XP I can't believe this kind of writing got me a Merit/20 for year 12 English oO It has its moments, I guess, but ugh.