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Last update · 31 July 2019

Sparklies serves two purposes, primarily to curb my own spending and keep my targets in sight. When I know what I'm saving for it makes it easier to avoid impulse buying and I get the stuff I need / want quicker.
The other purpose, I guess, is to point people at when Christmas / birthday is on the horizon and said people have no idea what to get me. I think I'm easy to buy for, though, so this probably won't come into it much. You all know the sort of stuff I like!


If you do get any of this stuff for me, harsh as it sounds, please don't halfarse it =( I'm going to get all this stuff for myself properly, so if I get dodgy plastic chopsticks or tongs that will scratch my Teflon coating they'll just get chucked out and I'll buy something better. Always quality over quantity — I'll always appreciate one awesome rubber scraper over three dodgy implements that'll break in three months. If colour is an option, green is always preferred. Especially lime green.

  • Carving Board
  • Food processor
  • Funnel
  • Glasses: beer x6 specifically these because I got six of them already
  • Ice bucket/tongs
  • Measure (for spirits)
  • Outdoor setting (plastic plates, glasses, wine glasses)
  • Wüsthof knives (Utility knife, Cook's knife, Carving knife, Knife block)

Lounge & Dining

  • Modular couch
  • Side table with storage for ugly things
  • Coffee table
  • Drink table
  • Rug that'll actually match the colourscheme in here


  • Acapulco table

Bathroom, Laundry & Toilet

  • Bath mats
  • Iron
  • Ironing board cover
  • Retile all three
  • Bath
  • Shower screen
  • Paint bathroom
  • Dryer


This is all conditional. I'm aiming for a size 12 before I start buying clothes again. In the process of losing weight, so anything I buy before I've reached my target will just stop fitting, and that's not cool.

  • Green jeans
  • Standard denim jeans
  • Black jeans
  • Shorts x3
  • Work skirts x3
  • Work pants x3
  • Shopping spree for tops cos tops are always fun

Books, Media & Tech

  • Anything but the Braided Path trilogy (cos I've already got that one) · Chris Wooding
  • Terry Pratchett. All of it. Kindle purchase that lot.
  • Derwents Charcoal Pencils tin of 12
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • QiVi office chair (wasabi; armless; white frame & base; no sliding frame)