General Nimay [Snapshot Henchman]


Because it will honestly take you hours to go through this place to look at every image, let alone in full screen, I've made up a bunch of packages for each region. These contain all the full-size images for a given region, and a couple at the end for the special events. Will this kill or save my monthly bandwidth? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

Pre-Searing Ascalon 106MB
Ascalon 64MB
Northern Shiverpeaks 106MB
Kryta 267MB
Maguuma Jungle 149MB
Crystal Desert 194MB
Southern Shiverpeaks 342MB
Ring of Fire Island Chain 75MB
Far Shiverpeaks 179MB
Charr Homelands 149MB
Tarnished Coast 193MB
Dungeons 7MB

Shing Jea Island 144MB
Kaineng 145MB
Echovald Forest 141MB
Jade Sea 147MB

Istan 159MB
Kourna 223MB
Vabbi 229MB
The Desolation 93MB
Realm of Torment 100MB

Battle Isles 50MB
Guild Halls 104MB
Events 57MB