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Jewel of the Air

The Cop Shop

Shelly and I were told to wait outside while Sapphire made the statement. We could just hear what was being said through the open door, not that we were eavesdropping or anything.

"I'd like to report two robberies and vandalism, please," Sapphire stated to the police officer.

"What exactly was stolen?" she asked.

"A sapphire necklace and an Articuno tail, and the roof of my gym has been smashed in too."

"You mean the Articuno tail? The one in the gym?" The officer sounded shocked, "Would you like to come in, and we'll conduct a formal interview," she offered.

"Thank you. Would the Pokémon be able to come in? To confirm it or whatever?"

She shrugged. "I guess so, if they're making a statement too."

"Well it kind of was her tail, so I guess you could say that," Sapphire called out to us to come in. We stood up and walked through the door. I wasn't surprised at the open mouths of all the police officers, but it was annoying all the same.

We were ushered into a small room with a table, three chairs and a funny machine. The police officer pushed a button on top and it started buzzing. Sapphire told me it was a recorder, and that it would record everything we said onto a tape so they could play it back later on.

The officer asked us a series of questions, from what the stolen possessions looked like to who we thought would rob us. I thought it might be Ray, as revenge for us taking 'his' egg and putting him in jail. He knew the tail was there, and probably about the sapphire too. Sapphire thought it could be anyone who had battled her for the badge, seeing as they had all lost, some more than three times.

When the questions were over, the officer said she wanted to have a look at the gym, to find evidence.

"What are you going to do while the gym gets fixed?" I asked Sapphire on the way home.

"I don't know, probably have to close it. I guess I could have the battles in the training area."

"How long do you think it would take to repair?" Shelly asked.

"Maybe a month, I'm not sure. I can't sit around and do nothing for a month. What'll I do?"

I thought for a moment. "You could try and find it yourself."

"No, the cops do that stuff better."

"How about battle in the stadium," Shelly suggested, "you could give the badge to anyone who happens to be able to beat you."

"Nuh, not aloud to do that. You can only give the badge out in a proper gym battle," Sapphire sighed heavily, "I don't know, maybe I'll just quit. It's too hard."

"Don't even think about that, Sapphire!" Shelly cried, "You're the best gym leader ever, you could even end up making the Four sooner or later! Don't give up, Sapph, no-one can beat you, ever."

"You're right, Shell. I'll think of something to do, dunno what, how about just train."

"Or you could take a holiday," I offered, "go somewhere nice, just for the heck of it. It's the perfect time, you won't be leaving anything behind."

"Good idea. I'll take a break from battling. No training, no badges, no battles."

"Quick, Sapphire, we're on!" Shelly yelled from the sofa in the TV room.

Sapphire raced out of the kitchen and plonked herself on the sofa for the news. The reporter's face showed on the screen.

"Snowdrop Town's most prized possession, the Articuno tail belonging to the town's gym leader Sapphire Iyse, has been stolen, along with her sapphire necklace." The screen crossed to the carnage of the gym and the reporter's voice continued, "The gym was broken into last night through the glass roof of the building, and the Articuno tail taken. Miss Iyse's house was entered through the back door, where the lock had been picked.

"The sapphire necklace has been valued at ten thousand Pokéyen, and the tail more than three hundred thousand. Police have no leads as to who may have committed the crime, and anyone who can help is urged to call Crime Stoppers, on 1800 924 six53 with any information regarding the robberies."

We sat in silence when the reporter finished the story and moved on to something about a Teddiursa being born in the zoo, whatever that is, then Sapphire sighed and moved to the kitchen. I followed her.

"You'll get them back, Sapphire, don't worry. We got my egg back, how's a sapphire and a tail any different?"

She sniffed. I wasn't sure if that was because of the news report or just because she was cutting up onions. She nodded and hugged me. "You're right, Snowfall. They're professional cops who work at solving mysteries, it's what they do, they'll find whoever it was and get them."

"There you go, everything's going to be fine." I patted her back and let her finish the dinner. I just hoped my words had truth in them.

I was just about to leave the room when Sapphire said to me abruptly, "I'm going to look for it myself."

I whisked around, "What?"

"I know the cops can do a really good job and all, but I can't just sit around and do nothing while they do. Like you said, we found your egg, how's a sapphire and a tail any different?"

I sighed and nodded at her, "If you must, Sapphire, if you must," then I left the room.

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